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(Ref. TIC-018)
July 2024
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The ORIENTA Platform

ORIENTA is a platform with a multimodal (oral and visual) spoken dialogue system which is aimed at offering the students a new vision of tutoring in which tutoring sessions step begin considered a rigid timetable in which to ask questions about the studied subjects, but rather become a continuous process which creates new spaces for critical thinking, dialogue and autonomy.

Some of the main functionalities of the system are:

  • To ease a flexible organization of tutoring sessions according with the pre-established timetable.
  • To make it possible for the tutor to establish days out of the pre-established timetable in which he can meet with the students. These days are offered in real time to the students.
  • To make it possible for the students to use the platform to indicate topics. they would like to discuss with the tutor.
  • To establish a discussion and weighting mechanism of the shared interest of the topics.
  • To make it possible for the tutor to establish shared tutoring sessions in which several students with the same problems can solve their problems in a collaborative way, thus approaching their learning process autonomously under the guidance of the tutor.
  • To establish methods for the detection of failures in the learning process and scheduling of seminars and/or tutoring sessions to tackle them.
  • To create an space in which the students become the object of continuous academic guidance and evaluation, and a place for sharing ideas and experiences.

The system has been developed using the WAMI technology for speech recognition and synthesis. The dialogue management has been implemented based on Javascript events and the sessions are scheduled using the Google Calendar API.



All the information related to ORIENTA, including a detailed description of the Project and the related publications, can be found in the platform web page.

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